Risk Rank field returns with value of '1' even though Impact and Probability is updated


On a Risk form, users can utilize the Risk Rank field which is calculated using risk probability and impact. For this issue, you may see that the Risk Rank field remains at a constant value of 1 and does not re-calculate or change value on new Risk submissions, even though Impact and Probability is different or updated.

Release or Environment



The calculations that generate Risk Rank are dependent on the 'probability' and 'impact' fields (from the risk table). There are Client Scripts, Business Rules and Script Includes which drive this calculation, but in the end, the impact and probability values are pulled from g_form via the RiskRankCalculatorUtil UI Script.

If a different field, other than the risk 'impact' field is added, such as task.impact or any dotwalked 'impact' field, the calculation will fail and the Risk Rank value will break.


Ensure that Impact(impact) and Probability(probability) are on the form via Form Layout. (if you see task.impact, or any other.impact or .probability dotwalk, replace it with the base risk fields)