Reset AD user password / query AD action shows success when there is an auth failure


The flow status of the action shows success but there is an error message says Authentication failure with the user ...

➜ The handle error step itself has a success state in spite of the errors. That is to say, the window_error_code is empty which as design makes the action assume it was successful

➜ In general, many systems use the error message as informational and only when combines with error code it is identified really an 'error'. Flow designer ad spoke cannot assume it is an error as there is no error code

Steps to Reproduce

1. Configure the Reset AD user password with the AD Spoke installed

2. Use the Reset AD user password action

3. Put wrong credentials

4. The system will say in the step two Authentication failure with the user ... but the status of query AD action is success

5. More info in screenshoot


With admin privileges, import the attached XML because if you import the xml first and then update the plugin in case you have to do it for any other requirement, it will override the changes of the imported file.

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