Count and records mismatch in Bar Chart when drilldown into the the bars


The count which shows in the bar chart on the bars is not the same when we click on it and open it in the list view.

To reproduce the issue;

1> Create a new report on any table

2> In the type tab, select bar chart

3> In the configure section,

         group by: select any filed

         Aggregation: select Count Distinct

         Once you choose Count Distinct, an additional dropdown will be displayed below the Count Distinct and select any one filed (sample: assigned to)

4> Save and run the report

5> In the report, observe the count on each bar

6> Click on the bar and when it opens in the list view you will see more records than the count observed in step#6


Release or Environment



Distinct Count functionality works only in the report, not in the list view


This is an Expected behavior. This behavior is due to the usage of "Distinct Count" in the "Aggregation" section of the "configure tab' of the report, which is only available in reporting module and can't be carried forward in the list view when you drill down on the bar.