Orlando Patch 9a Hot Fix 1: Known Errors

Orlando Patch 9a Hot Fix 1 : Known Errors

This article presents notable known errors in  Orlando Patch 9a Hot Fix 1, grouped by severity and organized by category. Not all known errors appear on this page. Click the link in the Article column to view details about each known error. To view other families and versions, see the  Known Error Portal.

Note: The severity level does not indicate the order in which issues will be fixed, which is determined by a combination of variables.

To view the release notes for this release family, see Orlando Release Notes.

Severity 1

The following table lists notable Severity 1 known errors in this patch.

KB0657450PRB1241406PersistenceCMDB TPP migration is creating records in the [cmdb$par1] table with sys_class_path is NULL. Some relationships are not showing on CMDB related lists and searches against CMDB tables are not returning all records.
KB0750004PRB1320637MID ServerA MID Server upgrade that includes a new JRE version will overwrite the cacerts file
KB0815477PRB1370343Service PortalAngularJS attachment list operations can run an instance node out-of-memory
KB0813876PRB1371401DiscoveryScript Include 'DeviceL3Mapping' may trigger slow queries on CMDB
KB0823915PRB1384533Service CatalogMulti-row variable set data are deleted when the variable set is within a container
KB0859416PRB1391305Service PortalMobile:Sp logs shows duplicate entry for Cat Item View type
KB0826539PRB1404597Configuration Management Database (CMDB)Plugin com.sn_apphealth has invalid scope sys_id 70fae9692b1c0200c5244f74b4da15d2
KB0830942PRB1407010Agile DevelopmentWhen an INC is moved from the backlog back to the triage board, the original story is deleted and the data pertaining to original story is lost
KB0827747PRB1408516MID ServerMID Server upgrade fails leaving MID Server Down, due to Cisco AMP antivirus preventing the upgrade service deleting the Wrapper executable
KB0853053PRB1410691DiscoveryThe query resulting from the 'CloudResourceDiscoveryCountHandler' script causes a high CPU usage issue
KB0852519PRB1416276Mobile (Classic)[Android only] Reference fields are not populating when selected in the Classic Mobile application v5.0
KB0864187PRB1417416Platform RuntimeJVM that are locked on OCSPCheckedCertificateCache are not released, leading to import schedules taking exponentially longer
KB0863437PRB1438114Flow DesignerAccessing 'sc_req_item' list view causes a recursive loop resulting in a stack overflow
KB0952015PRB1472411Software Asset Management ProfessionalA Condition Checker filter issue causes a potential data impact of start and end date for contracts
KB0727701PRB631444Business Logic ProcessingChanging the sys_class_name of a record can result in the record being deleted if Mandatory field Data Policy prevents the insert in the target table

Severity 2

The following table lists notable Severity 2 known errors in this patch.

KB0727122PRB1113671DiscoveryDiscovery - Sensors business rule runs for non-Discovery ecc_queue inputs.
KB0727944PRB1238857Forms and FieldsWhen saving a read-only currency field its value may be converted to default US Dollars automatically
KB0713179PRB1240595ListsM2MList ajax call fails with a large set of m2m_selected_ids values
KB0727642PRB1250745PersistenceSlowness and potential browser lock up in reports when there is a dot-walked filter condition on a CMDB table (Table Per Partition extension model)
KB0686716PRB1268370Platform SecurityDownloaded attachment redirects to page "Requested attachment does not exist" after impersonating to a user for the attachment which has encryption context
KB0684402PRB1270022Performance Analytics[DOMAIN] Spotlight Job doesn't collect spotlights for empty user and "Use snapshots" property
KB0722859PRB1272983Import / ExportDocument Viewer inline only works for PDF documents
KB0717976PRB1288212VA-Web ClientThe virtual agent does not translate based on user language while using the internationalization plugin
KB0717208PRB1305469Clone IssuesExcluding table-per-class (TPC) extended tables from a clone can cause orphaned Discovery Credentials with the 'Record not found' error when trying to open them
KB0754246PRB1316881Security Access Control ListsVA - On Service Portal when VA widget is display and user it NOT logged in, conversation does not display
KB0721421PRB1318176Asynchronous Message BusThe Asynchronous Message Bus (AMB) fails to connect to the instance when running through Fiddler proxy
KB0752975PRB1324263Upgrade Engine IssuesApplication upgrade process dependencies are not honored and plugin dependencies are not auto installed or upgraded to the scope version
KB0728440PRB1327992Reporting[Security Bug] ACL Issue with Published Report
KB0727700PRB1328367Application Navigator & Banner FrameBanner image cannot be changed in Madrid
KB0744908PRB1329337Cloud Provisioning and Governance (CMP)Memory exhaustion due to 'AWS EC2 - DescribeSnapshots' discovery sensor
KB0744354PRB1329356EmailSLAs is not attached automatically when an email comes in and a ticket is created
KB0750201PRB1330114Flow DesignerAction type snapshots are created with blank display names
KB0823092PRB1331004Asynchronous Message BusVirtual Agent Topic Conversation gets stuck when websockets are enabled, "amb.ServerConnection [ERROR] Connection broken"
KB0746714PRB1331941Cloud Provisioning and Governance (CMP)The importing and processing of the Azure cloud billing are unacceptably slow
KB0750180PRB1333813Project ManagementUnable to import MPP project file to a sub-project
KB0750599PRB1335372DiscoveryCredentials are not validating when IAM profile configured mid is pointed to instance
KB0818886PRB1346605Virtual Agent PlatformAll the sys_cs_conversation records created after NewYork upgrade have same Topic definition name "system"
KB0755212PRB1346619Virtual Agent PlatformThe virtual agent closes the chat when the option "I want something else" is clicked
KB0753071PRB1346683Cloud Provisioning and Governance (CMP)Cyberark External credential store not working with Azure Service Principal Discovery
KB0815838PRB1347170Domain SupportThe getMyGroups() does not work as expected in Domain-separated instance
KB0755203PRB1350354Core PlatformBusiness Calendar Filter Queries do not work after upgrading from Madrid to New York with a Fiscal Calendar Generated
KB0755216PRB1352033Agent WorkspaceA record can not be opened from a list if the first column is an empty/null non-reference field
KB0759114PRB1354873Graph API[GraphQL] GraphQL $$parent$$ notation to access outer parent objects is not thread-safe
KB0815373PRB1356669Walk-Up ExperienceThe You have an upcoming appointment scheduled for Invalid date message displays when using the walkup_online_checkin page of the Service Portal to book an appointment
KB0777681PRB1358400Performance Analytics[FT closed for O - reflecting on Backport]The New York upgrade of the Performance Analytics (PA) content for Configuration Management (CMDB) may cause performance degradation
KB0781931PRB1358510DiscoveryHorizontal Discovery does not detect an extra IP address in the same discovery schedules
KB0781716PRB1359305PersistenceThe new TPP logical tables are not batched by the batcher and there are multiple 'Add Columns' alter types while Installing CMDB CI Class Models Store app
KB0778290PRB1361188AssessmentsChange Risk Assessment calculates incorrect normalised actual values not multiplied by weight
KB0831991PRB1362288Design Systemnow-label-value: Reads content twice due to native title="" attribute [#1267]
KB0793158PRB1362706Performance AnalyticsPA Widget - Pies or Donuts & Column having no data show a single line instead of "No content available"
KB0787315PRB1363062Performance Analytics[PAR-OGANESSON]COUNT DISTINCT aggregate on PA indicators may lead to high memory consumption for Vulnerable Items collection
KB0853074PRB1365752OrchestrationOrchestration using the AD activity pack can break after upgrading to Madrid
KB0784339PRB1367576Platform LicensingTables are not created properly if there is sys_db_object object with empty name
KB0793453PRB1368103Dashboards and Home Pages[Quebec][Dependency Assessment] Individual nodes on the tree are not announced properly when they have focus
KB0782890PRB1368118Platform SecurityThe Forgot Password flow is not working in scoped apps
KB0793177PRB1369986Performance Analytics[waiting close approval] Antivirus Events - The link to view the table is marked up as a heading even though it is not a heading for any particular section of content
KB0788044PRB1371901Event ManagementIn New York, Event Management users who are running with the Statement replication mode will have corruption in the replicated data of ITOM Event Management
KB0861845PRB1373208Mobile PlatformMobile: Non internal users unable to see data in group by Applet | ACL Condition fails for Group By Applets
KB0855624PRB1377588Platform LicensingSubscription Management shows paid store app tables as custom tables
KB0866577PRB1378161DiscoveryDon't fail SNMP provider on subsequent queries if the previous query were successful
KB0861879PRB1379117Advanced Work AssignmentIf a custom chat service channel is used, the Conversation Server does not handoff to the AWA live agent.
KB0793248PRB1379339Employee Service CenterService Portal - screen reader states there are 5 items in the header, but only 4 are available
KB0818932PRB1379787DiscoveryThe NullPointerException error occurs when using MID configuration parameter "mid.aws.instance_profile_name" and setting MID Server property "mid.aws.sts.assume_role.disable_credential_caching" to true
KB0819023PRB1381861On-call SchedulingSchedules overlap for users when 'To' 'From' dates are not set to user schedule being swapped.
KB0813636PRB1385357MID ServerMID Server can fail to install or upgrade to Orlando due to new external connectivity requirement to ocsp.entrust.net for OCSP certification revocation verification check
KB0830008PRB1389445Performance Analytics[Quebec][1.3.1] Report designer, information pane, a list is visually connected but separated into multiple lists in the HTML and when read by screen readers
KB0868321PRB1390308PatternsDiscovery and IRE sometimes creates orphaned relationships where the parent/child sys_id is null, empty, or invalid
KB0817926PRB1390666PatternsUnable to run horizontal discovery on some Linux machines due to a NaN value being passed to the Linux/Unix pre-sensor
KB0860250PRB1393772PatternsThe base board serial number is populated on the serial number record instead of the BIOS Serial number for windows computers when using the Windows OS - Desktops pattern for discovery
KB0822721PRB1394018Service MappingApplication Map is not loading when "Service Analytics" feature is enabled [sa_analytics.rca_enabled=true]
KB0825347PRB1396118Event ManagementError when upgrading Operator workspace to Orlando Patch 3: Internal Server Error (500)
KB0855497PRB1396483Advanced Work AssignmentWrong "time out" displayed on WI card, or card not showing at all, if agent clock out of sync with instance clock
KB0823261PRB1399892Agile DevelopmentSprint Tracking is not showing the correct number of stories from Page 2
KB0864723PRB1403021Software Asset Management ProfessionalUsers are encountering performance issues with the SAM - Generate Data For Oracle Infrastructure Report scheduled job
KB0824451PRB1403627Transaction and Session ManagementSpecial characters are not working when using keyword/filter search/special characters in the URL
KB0952862PRB1406011PatternsWMQ on Windows pattern generates error logs on the application server during Discovery
KB0826461PRB1406629MID ServerMid Server fails to encrypt blank passwords after upgrading to Orlando
KB0827897PRB1408213DiscoveryShazzam probes can be stuck in the ECC Queue output behind probes from later phases of discovery, due to running at the same standard priority
KB0831525PRB1408324Activity StreamTime fields are displayed in terms of how long ago but they are stated as "Xm ago" rather than "X minutes ago" with the same applying to hours / days / months / years confusing screen readers
KB0830489PRB1412225PatternsMissing minimum set of input values for criterion (matching) attributes from identify rule for table [cmdb_ci_dns_alias] from 'Amazon AWS Route53' pattern
KB0870410PRB1413700Human Resources Service ManagementThe case state is not updated as per the state in the associated templates
KB0832840PRB1416016Virtual Agent Lite for ITSMThe search result for the catalog item link in the Virtual Agent opens a broken page
KB0852514PRB1417299Predictive Intelligence[ML] New data centers are missing from table [ml_dc_vip], which prevents access to the ML scheduler until an entry is added to this table OOB for each new data center that comes online
KB0862955PRB1417990Resource Management"Start Date" and "End Date" fields are displayed in the default date format "yyyy-MM-dd" even if the current sys_user is using the "System(dd-MM-yyyy)" date format
KB0858627PRB1419577MID ServerThe MID Server Upgrade service doesn't properly detect if the MID Server has fully shut down, and so has issues with file locks when it starts deleting, potentially leaving the MID Server down
KB0855649PRB1420890Configuration Management Database (CMDB)Upgrading from New York to Orlando causies static .js and .css files to not load in some pages
KB0855174PRB1421241Patterns[Microsoft SharePoint]: FQDN, IP Address, Category, Type fields are not discovered
KB0856342PRB1422481PatternsRunning a discovery against a Linux server does not populate the related lists 'CI IPs' and 'DNS Name for CIs'
KB0856340PRB1422489PatternsEnabling the property "glide.discovery.hostname.include_domain", does not include the domain name in the CI
KB0870191PRB1423571Service PortalScreenReaders do not announce the file that will be edited/deleted when the Edit File Name / Delete buttons are focused
KB0867040PRB1424117Import / ExportParis - Unable to export the reports in PDF format
KB0855676PRB1424189Service MappingServices with greater than 400K discovery messages can cause 'TransactionCancelledException' that the map never shows
KB0870361PRB1427577Core Platform[CSTASK102292] The session times out in Agent Workspace while the user is still active
KB0858554PRB1429834MID ServerMID Server down after attempted upgrade, due to file locks caused by Dell SecureWorks Red Cloak anti-virus (mid.bat, java.exe, wrapper-windows-x86-64.exe)
KB0864634PRB1430051DiscoverySelect query operations on the discovery_cloud_temp_result table are causing system performance issues
KB0858643PRB1430190ListsMultiple xmlhttp request causes performance onchange load for dependent choice list fields on form with is_searchable_choice attribute set to true
KB0870571PRB1430538Lists[Incident-list]Screen reader(NVDA/JAWS) is not narrating the table summary for 'Response Time' section present in the page while navigating using the table shortcut key 'T'
KB0863096PRB1430553Performance AnalyticsInteractive filters are not working on the homepages but are working on the dashboards
KB0868225PRB1430651Process Automation Designer'Create Record' errors out in a process
KB0860864PRB1433713Software Asset Management ProfessionalSome of the SaaS SKU identifier are pointing to incorrect product names or editions
KB0861098PRB1435863MID ServerMID Server is down due to a false 'expected service name' error
KB0861828PRB1436659PatternsThe baseboard serial number is populated on the serial number record instead of the BIOS serial number for Windows servers when using the Windows - OS Servers pattern for discovery
KB0866931PRB1436701MID ServerWindows Pattern Discovery may discover the MID Server host itself instead of the target server if the first WMI query fails in the pattern
KB0861832PRB1437409MID ServerThe MID Server startup or pre-upgrade PowerShell check fails with the PSReadLine/PSConsoleReadLine/WinIOError error
KB0862334PRB1438284Flow DesignerIf a dynamic flow flowlogic doesn't run at runtime, the operationsview has error: "Cannot read property 'operationsOutput' of undefined"
KB0862347PRB1439903Service PortalIn the portal, the Current Date value is showing daylight savings time in Brazil
KB0862904PRB1442194MID ServerWindows discovery classifier ends up with "The term 'executeWindowsClassify' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet"
KB0866481PRB1442543Import / ExportJDBC Import over the MID causes an error and not all JDBCProbe records in the ECC Queue are processed
KB0868534PRB1445195Flow DesignerThe 'Flow Engine Event Handler' job runs at a high concurrency, causing high CPU on instances that have a large volume of nodes
KB0953863PRB1447511MID ServerHotfix for PRB1419895 Lack of Certificate Validation causes MID Server certificate chain errors when customer has self-signed cert injected by firewall/proxy
KB0867673PRB1453652Flow DesignerDomainSupport APIs giving the wrong domain following flow execution
KB0868199PRB1454368Service MappingService Model's Blob Reaper is causing an exception
KB0870055PRB1455344Core PlatformIntegration Hub truncates value/script field on Oracle when scripts are greater than 4000 characters
KB0952922PRB1455918Software Asset Management ProfessionalProduct result generation for unlicensed installations needs to handle installations with inferred suites
KB0951798PRB1459277OrchestrationAfter an Orchestration activity using MID server, some APIs may not work properly in workflow
KB0954619PRB1460156Software Asset Management ProfessionalSCCM 2016 plugin has stopped collecting removed software information from SCCM, so installed software records are not getting deleted
KB0952923PRB1474474MID Servermid_server.down events running script action 'Fail over MID server' where there is a large ECC Queue backlog can block instance system event queue processing
KB0953224PRB1475449IntegrationHubReset AD user password / query AD action shows success when there is an auth failure
KB0523398PRB579732EmailEmail Client displays an empty window
KB0523900PRB581665Import / ExportImport Table creates columns with oddly truncated names and does not import data for some columns
KB0534762PRB585707UI ComponentsForm Sections configuration - Broken relationships between [sys_ui_section] and [sys_ui_form_section] records cause forms to not load
KB0549804PRB630133WorkflowIn list view, task.stage breaks UI rendering and throws a "jQuery is not defined" error when using UI11
KB0596799PRB653427Server Side ScriptingIn List choice UI action on a related list, global variable 'current' does not work in List v2
KB0598187PRB668806Project Portfolio ManagementCannot list edit related list if the Related List Loading option 'After Form Loads' or 'On-demand' is selected
KB0598781PRB678273Update SetsDeleting a nonexistent Ui View via update set deletes the main section of Default View instead
KB0598169PRB679363Human Resources Service ManagementPossible data loss during reparenting hr_case to sm_order
KB0597376PRB689086Core PlatformDeletion of a user record can cause a cascade effect that affects form layouts.
KB0623129PRB718318System ApplicationsUnable to launch Studio via Studio module when UI11 is enabled
KB0598769PRB725968PersistenceCannot expand the size of a field in a rotating table in a way that propagates the expansion to all rotating tables
KB0639500PRB734026UI ComponentsHTML5 in IE11: mp4 or webm uploaded videos fail to render