A Create Task action after a mid step fails to get dot walk values from flow trigger record


A Create Task action that uses field values dot walked from the trigger record may fail to set values for those fields.

Steps to Reproduce

(Import the attached update set to get the action and flow described below)

1. create an action that executes on mid. (add a script and select required environment mid. the script can be left empty)
2. create a flow that is triggered when an sc_task is updated and field description=DEF0183703. choose run trigger = for each unique change.
3. call the mid action as the first step in the flow
4. create task (sc_task) as second step in the flow. under field values select
short description = Trigger->Catalog Task Record->Short Description
Parent = Trigger->Catalog Task Record
5. to trigger the flow go to a sc_task record that has a non-empty short description and change the description to "DEF0183703"
6. observe that the sc_task created has a blank short description field.
7. remove the mid action from the flow and trigger the flow again. observe that the short description on the created task is correctly set


alternate STR from CS5101908:
Look Up Records
For Each
Pass the sys_id to an action with a REST step which runs on MID
The first iteration will work fine, but have that the sys_ids will be blank


Add a "Wait for duration of time" of 1 second between the mid step and the create task.  This will return flow execution from the mid server to the instance.

An alternative workaround is to add a Look Up Record after the mid step.  

Related Problem: PRB1460121