How to assign a MID server to a Flow in IntegrationHub


When using IntegrationHub, we are occasionally running into issues because the flow does not use the right MID server.

In IntegrationHub is it possible to assign a specific MID server to a flow ?  


IntegrationHub will be calling MID Selector and MID Selector cannot pick the right MID Server without IP addresses.
Without IP Address, MID Selector will only use MID Capability to pick a MID server. Since several MIDs may have the same capability, a wrong MID server is chosen.

If you want a specific MID Server to be chosen by the flow, then make sure the intended MID Server has this IP address in its range AND exclude this IP address from unintended MID Servers.
Refer Configure an IP address range for the MID Server for how to include and exclude IP ranges in MID server.