Emails being received-ignored with an unknown error string


Reproducible emails are received-ignored, when checking the email record on the sys_email table the error string is either blank or not an OOB error message.

Checking the email headers the email is not marked as spam either.

Release or Environment

New York Patch 10b


This is due to a custom email filter added via the email filters plugin.

The email filters plugin is installed by default for New York and higher releases.

The email being received ignored matches the conditions of a custom email filter that causes it to be ignored.

In some cases you will see a current.error_string value set on the filter which will add the text for the error string field on the sys_email record.


Review the email filters on the sys_email_filter table for any that have the error string on one of the associated scripts.

If there is no error string check for the conditions on custom email filters that apply to emails being received-ignored.

Once identified review/modify the filter to perform as expected, you can test to make sure this is causing the issue by disabling the filter and receiving the email again.