Special Character ^ cannot be used in searchs when using the filter


When there is a search using the filter in any table such as incident, case or even a custom one. The ^ character ignored and does not allow the user to find records with fields that contain it.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open any ServiceNow recent instance (Orlando, Paris, Quebec)
2. Create an incident with ^ as part of the short description
3. Save the incident and go to the list of incidents page incident_list.do
4. Search for any incident which short description contains ^ using the filter
5. You will see in the result page the filter showing All > Short description contains
6. It will not show the ^ character
7. The url will be


This behaviour is intended in oder to process the logical operators properly. If you would like to search for "^" you can add *^^^ to your query which will get converted to *^

Related Problem: PRB1456482