"Azure - Storage Blobs(LP)" pattern is inactive even after migration to Pattern discovery


"Azure - Storage Blobs(LP)" pattern is inactive even after migration to Pattern discovery. This is because the Blobs discovery involves the discovery of a potentially huge amount of data that may cause a performance degradation in the total Azure discovery time. The reason for this is that it uses the Azure "list-blobs" API call, which does not have a filtering option to limit the response data based on the Blob type. As a result, the Blob discovery is directly impacted by the amount of stored files in the environment. Based on this, the activation of the pattern and the active discovery of Blobs (VHD Storage Resource) is left to the individual client decision, based on their Azure environment.

*Note: After activating Blobs discovery, you should evaluate the overall performance impact before deciding whether the pattern should be active or not. 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Run Migration to Pattern discovery.

2. Navigate to Discovery Patterns.

3. Verify that the "Azure - Storage Blobs(LP)" pattern is the only Azure LP pattern that is still inactive.


Manually activate the "Azure - Storage Blobs(LP)" pattern. To active the Blobs pattern, perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to the sa_pattern table.

2. Switch to the Discovery and Service Mapping Patterns scope.

3. Search for the "Azure - Storage Blobs(LP)" pattern and open it.

4. Select the Active check box.

5. Save or update the pattern.

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