Program actuals not rolling up correctly.


When an amount update is made on the already created/processed expense line of a project and that project is linked to a program, Actual cost is not rolling up correctly as per the Total actuals in the project. 

Steps to reproduce:The behavior is seen in OOB as well.
Go to project and open an already existing expense line which is processed.
Now update the amount to maybe 200$
save the record
Notice that the actual cost on projects gets updated, but the cost plan breakdown values do not change
This is resulting in the difference on the project actual cost and program actual cost
Now create a new expense line and process it, notice that now the value is correctly calculated.


 This is intended behavior.


 This is intended behavior.

  1. When any update is performed on a processed expense line, we DO NOT trigger any rollup behavior.
  2. we need to create a new expense line in this case.