Trouble shooting and collect information when MID Server goes Down after Upgrade


MID Server goes DOWN after Upgrade

In the normal MID Server upgrade process, the MID Server goes down to replace old files with new ones. Once it has the new files, it goes back up. If the upgrade failed to replace the old files with new ones, the MID Server stays down.


Linux MID Server

  1. If the MID Server is installed as a daemon under systemd, make sure that the service is installed with proper kill mode. For more information, see Linux MID server auto-upgrade can fail even on Tanuki wrapper version 3.5.36 if MID service is not reinstalled - similar symptoms with PRB1312206 [KB0821436].

Windows MID Server

The following anti-viruses can block the MID Server upgrade:

If you are working on any cases in which a Windows MID Server is "Down" after upgrade, check the running services on the MID Server host machine.