Discovery Schedule is not running extensions if any of the extension in a pattern is inactive


If a pattern has two or more extensions, of which some inactive, the schedule runs only the pattern, and none of the extensions. If all extensions are active, then the schedules runs the pattern plus all the extensions.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Add kubernetes credentials and credentials alias.
2. Create serverless schedule to run kuberenetes pattern.
3. Run the schedule by clicking discover now button.
4. Once the schedule runs fine, check the pattern discovery log.
5. Click on View log link to see the Horizontal Discovery Log.
6. Check the steps following the identification, you should see the extensions and its step run status.
If the pattern has two or more extensions, of which any inactive, the schedule runs only the main pattern, and not the active extensions.


  1. Navigate to Pattern Designer > Discovery Patterns.
  2. Open Kubernetes pattern.
  3. Go to Extension Section in the Basic tab check there are 3 extensions [Collect OpenShift info,Get Kubernetes YAML Files,Istio Service Mesh].
  4. In the Filter Navigation enter text "sa_pattern.list" and hit return/enter key.
  5. In the name column Search for  "Get Kubernetes YAML Files".
  6. Open "Get Kubernetes YAML Files" pattern.
  7. In the Basic tab check Active checkbox it is not checked[OOB above pattern library is in inactive state].
  8. To activate the extension check the Active checkbox.
  9. Click Update button to save the changes
  10. Run the Kubernetes discovery schedule again now it should run all extensions in the pattern.

Related Problem: PRB1416291