'ActionTest' action in Flow Designer is in 'in progress' state for a very long time (days) intermittently.


ActionTest' action in Flow Designer  is in 'in progress' state for a very long time (days) intermittently. 

We can see that in the working scenario, the MidServer is picked up and the action is completed without any issues. However, in the Non Working scenarios, the MidServer is not being picked up and hence the action is in 'inProgress' forever.

Release or Environment




The fix is by removing the applications (ALL & Orchestrator) in mid.server.SANDBOX. Post removing the Test i Flow Designer for "ActionTest", executed successfully using correct MID server "Automation_S"

Additional Information

MidServer selection happens as below :


-> You can configure a default MID Server that an application can use if all other possible MID Servers are unavailable. You can narrow down the list of applications that are included in the definition of ALL.


Hence, it is advised to use configure the Mid server as per the requirement for the specific actions to run on it.