Querying using another language is not supported in TableAPI.


Get request with Table API does not consider different table and user languages. The request will always be for the english table even if the display language is in another language (e.g German) and the search string is also set in German.

Example request:

Steps to Reproduce

Open the record with the field that you want to translate.
Verify that the field whose content you want to translate is a translated_text or translated_html field. (In this example the Name field label from sc_cat_item)
The following steps are one possible way to verify a field type:
1) Right-click the label (e.g Name) of the field and select Configure dictionary.
2) The context menu from clicking on the label of the Name field, with the Configure Dictionary option highlighted
3) In the Dictionary Entry record that opens, confirm that the Type field is Translated Text or Translated HTML.
4) See that the Name field is of the type Translated Text.
5) Click back to the form.
6) Use the language picker to switch to the desired language.
7) In the relevant field, replace the English text with the text of the target language (e.g. English word "rule" in German would be "regel").
Click Submit.


8) Visit REST API Explorer
9) Select the Table API
10) Select sc_cat_item
11) Enter nameLIKEregel in the sysparm_query field
No results

12) Enter nameLIKErule in the sysparm_query field
There are Results in german


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