Setting the 'notificationsEnabled' property to false does not disable notifications


The "notificationsEnabled" property used in the Header component has no effect, thus there is no control to disable Notifications from being part of the experience. This entails that if Notifications are configured in the AppShell (Macroponent Composition), the Notification Bell (a.k.a. Notification Tray Trigger) will always appear on the header's Global Tools container. If the AppShell used by the experience contains Notification configuration, every experience using that specific AppShell will have Notifications enabled.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Search for "experiences" in the Navigator.
2) Look for CSM/FSM Configurable Workspace and click on it.
4) Edit the chrome_header UX Page Property changing the notificationsEnabled key to false.
5) Visit the page /now/cwf/agent. You can still see the bell icon visible in the header.


To disable Notifications for an experience, the Notifications configuration must be removed from the AppShell (Macroponent Composition) through the two steps below:

1 - Remove the Notification Tray Trigger that is slotted into Header's "notification-Trigger" slot.

2 - Remove/disassociate the viewport containing the Notification Tray and Toast elements.

This will impact all experiences that inherit or rely on this AppShell.

Related Problem: PRB1455522