Notification based on an event is not always sent


We have a notification configured to send when the event is fired.

For incidents created by external ESM application this notification is not always sent.


The notification has the condition "Assigned to is empty"

When the notification is not sent we can see that the ESM application has already assigned the incident before the event was processed and thus the conditions for the notification were not met.


There are 2 requirements

The solution to this will be to alter the conditions in order to ensure that the notification is always sent for cases created by the "Auto ESM" caller regardless
There are 2 ways to achieve this

  1. create a second notification identical to the existing one.
    In the existing notification you would add a condition
    Caller is not Auto ESM

    so it has 2 conditions
    Assigned to is empty
    Caller is not Auto ESM

    and in the new notification define the condition
    Caller is Auto ESM

  2. Modify the existing notification with an additional OR condition to achieve the same ie
    (Assigned to is empty AND Caller is not Auto ESM) OR (Caller is Auto ESM)

Either of these options would ensure that the notification is always sent when the caller is Auto ESM whilst retaining the original function of only sending for other incidents when the incident is not currently assigned.