Record producer variables via the HRM Todos Summary widget contain NULL values ( continuation of PRB1385665)


Under a specific set of circumstances, when navigating through the To-dos in the "HRM Todos Summary" widget, variables part of HR Catalog Item or Order Guide Record Producers are not copied over to the created HR case.

Steps to Reproduce

1. On the ESC portal, have some HR Task To-dos which are supposed to submit a Catalog Item or Order Guide through record producer.
2. Click randomly on some of the To-dos listed in the left-hand panel of "HRM Todos Summary" widget.
3. Submit the record producer

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3.  See that sometimes the record producer submits correctly. Other times the values selected for the record producer variables get lost and their value is NULL in the created request.


1. Replace the following line in the HRJ Task Submit Order Guide (hrj-task-submit-catalog-item) and HRJ Task Submit Catalog Item (hrj-task-submit-catalog-item) widget Body HTML:

<sp-widget widget="data.hrCatItemWidget"></sp-widget>

with below line
<sp-widget widget="::data.hrCatItemWidget"></sp-widget>

2. Change the state of any Restricted Caller Access (RCA) record that might have been invalidated back to 'Allowed'.

Related Problem: PRB1453865