Role information is not being announced by the screen readers for ''Warning'' dialog


Users working with a screen reader may get confused by an incorrect reading of what has opened when selecting the "show activity stream" action to open the fly-out.

Users who rely on screen reader are not aware of the dialog displayed information, as screen readers are not narrating the role (dialog) for ''Warning'' dialog, so leaving them unaware of the functionality and unable to perform the desired actions.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Enable NVDA and open the above URL in Edge Chromium browser.
2. Sign in with valid credentials. 'Home' page will appear.
3. Navigate to incident > open> show activity. The role is not announced by the screen readers for ''Warning'' dialog. An incorrect role as 'Region' is defined for 'Show Activity stream in the fly-out window' dialog.
4. Invoke the 'Show activity stream in flyout window' button. The screen reader is announcing as 'Region close activity stream button heading level 2'.

MAS Reference Link:
MAS 4.1.2 - Name, Role, Value

WCAG Reference Link:


Users can try to tab through the flyout content to decipher that they are manipulating content for the activity stream.

Related Problem: PRB1447853