Radio button list when adding a skill requires more tab key presses than necessary


In normal circumstances, a radio button set only has one tab stop. Users can tab to the radio buttons, use their arrow keys to navigate between radio buttons, and tab away from the radio set. When a radio button form field exists inside a pop-over component, every radio button is included in the tab order of the focus trap inside of the pop-over. This requires keyboard users to press the tab key more times than normal.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open the Manager's Workspace, select Coaching.
2. Select Skills.
3. Navigate to any person's 'Add' button under any skill and select it.
4. Move input focus to the Expert radio button.
5. Press tab, note the input focus is not moved to the Cancel button.


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As a workaround use the arrow keys to navigate between radio buttons, continue pressing the tab key in order to move past the radio button set.

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