Auto Flush related logs when plugin is not installed


Plugins may not be collectively installed and that can cause issues when a file residing in plugin A has some dependency on a file in plugin B.

Table Cleanup (sys_auto_flush) contains a record which meets this criteria. Auto Flush on table sn_cmp_order_step_result_chunk is OOB on Cloud Management Platform application.


In this example, system logs as provided are observed:

Invalid query detected, please check logs for details [Unknown field stack.stack_status in table sn_cmp_order]
Invalid query detected, please check logs for details [Unknown field order_step.order.stack.stack_status in table sn_cmp_order_step_result_chunk]


Table sn_cmp_order_step_result_chunk is installed with the Cloud Management [] plugin.

The dependency is that without installation of plugin, the table cannot be recognised and therefore reference specification points to an empty object. This subsequently creates an invalid dot walk path order_step.order.stack.stack_status.


Installation of plugin Cloud Management [] will prevent the log occurrences.

The logs can be safely ignored if there is no desire to install the Cloud Management plugin.