Azure billing schedule fails to download data


When Azure billing schedule is triggered or runs periodically, it fails with the error:

Cannot retrieve billing data from<enrollment number>/usagedetails/download?billingPeriod=<period>
Response code 403: Method failed: with code: 403 - Forbidden username/password combo

This error only occurs in the Quebec release, due to the introduction of strict certificate chain validation from the MID server of outbound endpoint API calls.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to Cloud Provisioning and Governance > Cloud Admin Portal > Billing.
2. Add the credentials for azure EA.
3. Create a billing schedule.
4. Click 'Execute Now'.
The operation fails with '403 forbidden' exception. 


Disable the certificate chain check in MID security policy:

  1. Navigate to "MID Security Policy" under "MID Server" from navigation tab.
  2. Create an entry for "" with following values:
  3. Hostname Check and Revocation Check can be either true or false.
  4. Execute the Azure billing job again.

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