SAMP Usage report does not show any information even though the scheduled SCCM import for installed Softwares works as expected


Servicenow integration with SCCM retrieves the data about installed Softwares in the endpoints managed by SCCM, which are part of the CMDB database in Servicenow.
However, the SAMP Usage report does not show any information about installed software even though the scheduled imports are working as expected.

Release or Environment

All versions


The installed Softwares data from the SCCM database is imported into the cmdb_sam_sw_install table in ServiceNow. When they are imported, the installed Softwares should be tied to a computer in the cmdb_ci_computer table.

If the records in cmdb_sam_sw_install are not associated with cmdb_ci_computer records, the installed softwares are considered orphan records and does not show up in SAMP usage reports.


Please ensure the cmdb_ci_computer table records are imported before importing installed Softwares.