Audit on Archived Table


Customers may ask about accessing auditing of archive tables, specifically how to access the audit data of the 'original' record after it has been archived.

This is supported within the platform OOTB by the History Set feature. This is used to build a friendly version of a single record's audit history from a variety of sources which includes the 'sys_audit' table.

For an 'archived' record this history set data is built from the 'sys_audit' data from the original record because the archived record has the same sys_id as the original record (now deleted) and this means that the same queries that worked previously still do after archiving.

However on some sub-productions instances it may appear that this functionality is not working.

This can be explained quite easily because the 'sys_audit' table is essential to displaying audit data, but due to its size it is typically not included within clones from production instances.

If you try to view the history for ANY record, archived or not, that is missing its sys_audit data for this reason then it will never display correctly.

In addition if you recover an archived record on a sub-production instance where the sys_audit data is not present then the history and worknote updates on the 'recovered' record will not display correctly.