Redirect users to login page from Virtual Agent widget once the session times out.


End-user sometimes might not know if their session has timed out/expired if they are on the Virtual Agent widget.

Even after the session times out, if the user continues with the conversation, a new interaction is created with the Guest user.

Release or Environment

All supported releases.


There are a few points to be noted here in order to redirect the user to the login page.

  1. With Orlando Patch 9, a new feature has been added, wherein if the user is on the VA screen, and if the session times out, they would get a popup as below.
  2. However, if the user clicks on the Refresh button, it just reloads the same page.
  3. User would see the VA greeting message again. This can be confusing as the end-user might think that the session has been re-established. Which actually is not the case. If the end-user continues the chat after the refresh, the interactions are created as Guest.
  4. Now this happens because the page $sn-va-web-client-app is always public.
  5. You need to go to sys_public.list and open the $sn-va-web-client-app record.
  6. Uncheck the public flag, and set it to false.
  7. Now if the user clicks on Refresh, they would land on the login screen.
  8. After logging in, the final landing page would be the VA chat window again, and they can continue the chat conversation from where they stopped.

Additional Information

You can also implement a similar setup for sn_va_web_client_app_embed page as well when the VA page is embedded on an external page.

Navigate to sys_public.list and search for sn_va_web_client_app_embed.

Uncheck and set the public field to false.