Screen reader is not narrating "Submit information" after invoking the 'Submit' button


- The screen reader is not narrating the save operation after invoking the 'Submit' button with "Data is successfully submitted".

- When the page is resized to 200% zoom, The scroll bar appearing below the stages of the 'New Record' form becomes no longer accessible via keyboard. The same issue replicates throughout the application where calendar appears.

MAS Reference:
MAS 1.3.1 - Info and Relationships

WCAG Reference:

Steps to Reproduce

1: Enable NVDA.
2: Go to /
3: Create a new change request and submit it.

The screen reader is not narrating the submit operation after invoking the 'Submit' button. NVDA is not narrating any information and the page is saved. NVDA should narrate the saved data information with "Data is successfully submitted" after invoking the 'Submit' control.


This problem has no workaround, is under review and targeted to be fixed in a future release. To receive notifications when more information becomes available, subscribe to this Known Error article by clicking the Subscribe button at the top right of this form.

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