Import/Transform Execution Flow and Table Reference

The purpose of this KB article is to provide you with a general view (or bird's eye view) of the ServiceNow platform's import/transform feature. 

There are two methods in which to get an overview of this feature.  One method is to see how the data travels from the source to the final destination (the target table).  The other method is to view all the tables responsible to make this feature work.

The first image shows the flow of data from source to target table.  You read this diagram from left to right.  Most of the data source types are shown at the left side of the diagram and the target tables at the right.

The second diagram shows all the tables responsible for making this feature work.  The tables are divided in three groups: the tables for the scheduling portion of the import, the tables for defining the import and transform, and the tables for storing the running state of the data.