Not displaying all the attributes from the choice list/ choice table for a dictionary entry of type Field Name


All column fields are not showing up in the dropdown for the input dropdown box "Field" for the record in Normalization


1. Navigate to Field Normalization > Configurations > Normalization.
2. Create New Record.
3. Under the dropdown input box for "Table" choose any table ( fn_config )
4. Check the dropdown on the "Field" input box and you would see the fields present for the table
5. You will find some attributes missing in dropdown for table selected above in the new record when compared with the attributes found in the sys_db_object for that table.

Checked sys_dictionary for column Field which has a type Field Name which extends String.
It seems that only String values from the Service offering table columns are being displayed on the normalization record " Field " input box.

The behavior is because of the attributes defined for the dictionary entry " script_types=FNFields "

check below example dictionary entry for field fn_config,


To see all the attributes on the Field dropdown box you can just remove that attribute ( script_types=FNFields ) from the dictionary entry. It'll display all fields after.

But OOB this is an expected behavior as by default we only allow string fields on the dropdown