SNMP OID Classifications missing for named Pali Aulto Firewall types


Palo Alto firewall are being created with class "IP Firewall" instead of "Palo Alto Firewall Device". The reason seems to be the System OID Classifications are missing from the SNMP Clarification, see attached image. The same problem seems to exist for Juniper and Fortinet firewalls. The end result sees to be that basic identification is performed but the Next Generation Palo Alto Firewall pattern is not launched.

Steps to Reproduce

"Identification  Engine: Discovery status is FAILURE, CI type cmdb_ci_firewall_device_palo_alto cannot be created since there are no attributes defined."


Update Set(Attached in the PRB-PRB1428376):- sa_pattern_8949fcb4db2814d47faf89584b961975.xml

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