Allocation information and data not appearing on Resource Reports > Utilization


When creating a new Resource Report, or rather, configuring a Resource Report for % Utilization or any other type, specific records are used to populate data for Users or Groups. In Paris, when using Operational Resource Plans, the Operational Work types used - if custom - must be mapped to a Time Card Category. pps_admin is required for this. If a custom Operational work type is added and not mapped, issues will occur.


When custom Operational work types are added and not mapped to the Time Card category table, and that Operational Resource Plan is allocated, Resource Allocation and Resource Allocation Daily records are created, however, because no category is added (that is known to the system), Resource Aggregate Daily, Weekly and Monthly records are NOT generated. 

Resource Aggregates are used in Resource Reporting and Allocation Workbench details.

*Used in Paris instances only


Adding Time Card Mapping categories for Support Work or any other custom Operation work type entries (and then Allocating Resource Plans) will ensure that 1. Allocation Dailies are generated as well as Aggregate Dailies, Weeklies, and Monthlies are generated (Aggregate records are what populate Resource Reporting and Allocation Workbench with allocation data)

  1. Navigate to Project Administration > Time Card Category Mapping.
  2. Click New.
  3. From the Time card category menu, select the required time card category.
  4. From the Operational work type menu, select the operational work type you want to map to the time card category you selected in the previous step.
  5. Click Submit.