FTP/SFTP/FTPS Data Source Fails to Load Records With Error: FtpIOException --> Return Value: xxx Description: Error connecting to: xxxx check hostname and port


When trying to load records from a "File retrieval method" data source of FTP/SFTP/FTPS the following or similar error is seen:

com.glide.db.impex.datasource.DataSourceException: java.io.IOException: FtpIOException --> Return Value: 530 Description: Error connecting to:<hostname>:<port>, check hostname and port

Connection properties:
connection.host=<IP address>

Release or Environment

Applies to any release.


Possible causes:

(1) The hostname/IP address of the FTP server is not exposed to the internet.

(2) There is a firewall fronting the FTP server that is not allowing the instance's source IP addresses to pass through to the FTP server.


(1) Be sure that the FTP server is exposed to the internet, the IP address of the FTP server must must be a public IP address, otherwise the instance will not be able to connect to it.  This can be checked by going here and doing an IP LOOKUP for the FTP server's IP address:


(2) Allow any firewall that is fronting the FTP server to pass your instance's source IP addresses.  This information is available in HI by following KB0538621

If the FTP server connection is using a ServiceNow provided VPN the firewall must allow the IP addresses listed in:

"Source address used for integrations into customer network with VPN"

If a ServiceNow VPN is not in use the IP address ranges to allow are shown in:

"Source address used for integrations into customer network with NO VPN"