User does not show up as Caller on Incident form


When clicking the Magnifying glass icon next to Caller field on Incident form, searching a specific user does not show up as Caller.

Release or Environment

Applicable to all releases


This is because the existing configurations for Caller field is dependent on the Company value of currently selected user. This means when you click on magnifying glass search icon next to Calller field, platform displays list of users which belong to currently selected user's company. And the new user which is being searched belongs to a different company therefore, not appearing in search result.

Where can we see this configuration?

Go to System Definition > Dictionary

Condition: Table is incident AND column_name is caller_id

Open this dictionary record and verify Dependent field value in Dependent Field form section as shown in below image.


Multiple options can be considered as a solution depending on customer's business requirement:

+ OPTION 1: If the instance is not using Domain Separation then probably clearing this Dependent field value can be quickest option.

+ OPTION 2: Alternatively, clear the Dependent field value and use a Reference Qualifier to make this validation role specific etc.