How to select a specific Identity Provider for SSO users from Agent or NOW mobile app



Currently the Agent or NOW login page does not have the option to select a different Identity Provider. It always goes to the default one. And even deselecting the default Identity Provider, there is no an option to select an specific IdP. 


Currently, this functionality is not supported.  
As workaround, there are two options:

1. From the mobile device, go to the browser (for example Safari).
2. Type the URL of your instance adding "glide_sso_id" to specify the Identity Provider, for example:

3. (Optional) Bookmark this webpage in your mobile device. 

For more information about glide_sso_id, please review:

Log in using Multi-Provider SSO

1. Edit a user
2. From the context menu, go to Configure >> Form Layout and add the "SSO Source" field. 
3. In the SSO Source field, enter one of the following:
For SAML users enter 
sso: followed by the sys_id of the identity provider's record.

For SSO Federation users enter 
federation: followed by the sys_id of the federation record.

4.Save the record. 

You need to do this for each user. For more information about the "SSO Source" field, please review:

Configure users for Multi-Provider SSO 

If you would like to add this functionality as part of the mobile app, please submit an idea at: