HR Agent Workspace - HR Case SLA component says "No data available"


The user reported that the HR Case SLA component in the HR Agent Workspace was showing "No data available" for a HR Case that had a task SLA on it. The user wanted to know why the task SLA did not show information there.


The query that the seismic component "HR Case SLA" is using does not check for task SLAs which have a Stage of "Paused". This is why "No data available" is pulled and displayed - because the task SLA on the HR Case is Paused.


Based on a conversation had with ServiceNow's HR Developers, it was found that there is an internal query done on the task_sla table for the task via it's sys_id, checking for a Stage value of "In Progress" only (this is why task SLAs where Stage = Paused do not return results), and are ordered by remaining Business time left. 

So, in order to not see the "No data available", there should be a task SLA on the HR Case being queried where the Stage value is "In Progress". Then, the information for that task SLA will display.