Workplace Safety Management ACL denies creation sys_template for all users except 2 wsd roles (until version 2.2.4)


All field level create operation on sys_template (ACL with sys_id -3a4f45600f411010784dd2d92f767edf) is added as part Workplace Safety Management (until version 2.2.4). Only users, who is an admin or possess one of sn_wsd_core.task_writer, sn_wsd_core.workplace_manager role was able to create a new sys_template record.

Steps to Reproduce

Before installing Workplace Safety Management plugin, Log in as a user(not admin) who can create sys_template and verify he can create.

Install Workplace Safety Management plugin (anything below 2.2.4 version)

With the same user who can create sys_template but does not have the following role:
- sn_wsd_core.task_writer
- sn_wsd_core.workplace_manager

try to create new sys_template now. Users won't be able to create (all fields appear disabled) as it's been blocked by this New ACL which is added with the Workplace Safety Management plugin installation.

The ACL here: https://<instance>/ prevents access


Disabling or deleting this ACL (sys_id - 3a4f45600f411010784dd2d92f767edf) should fix this issue.

Related Problem: PRB1444513