Discovery hangs after upgrading to Paris when scanning multiple IP addresses of the same device in the same schedule if classify probes or identity probes/patterns are not successful


In Paris, for a regression of PRB1387976/KB0967139, scanning a multiple IP Addresses of the same device in the same schedule hangs if there are errors in Classify, Identity, or Exploration phases.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Configure a discovery schedule, adding multiple IP Address of the same device.

2. Make sure there are no credential for this device.
Alternatively modify the pattern that will be launched in Identity phase and add a 'Match' step that would fail the pattern.
Or, for a LINUX device, modify the ADM Multiple Probe and make sure "Active Connection fails".

3. Kick off the discovery schedule.


1. Go to the "Discovery Device Duplicate IP" Business Rule /

2. Change the condition from the existing:
current.started > 0 && current.started == current.completed && !gs.nil(current.cmdb_ci)
current.started > 0 && current.started == current.completed

3. Go to the 'DiscoverySensor' Script Include /

4. Comment out lines 225-226, from:
duplicateIpCurrentSourceGr.state = 'error';

/** PRB1444252 Workaround
duplicateIpCurrentSourceGr.state = 'error';

Related Problem: PRB1444252