Dot walked fields not showing the correct value in agent workspace


In Agent workspace, the email client doesn't pull through the dot-walked fields configured on the email client template.

The steps to reproduce are:

1. Enable Email Client on sc_task table.

2. Configure an email client template, setting the subject as "request_item.number, request_item.short_description"

3. Open Agent workspace home and open any sc catalog task where a RITM is being associated.

4. Click on the ... where an option is being available compose email after clicking on it.

Expected: It should show the RITM number and the short description

Actual: It shows up as request_item.number, request_item.short_description


This is happening because Format to fetch the RITM Number and short description was defined incorrectly:



By changing the subject to the below format it will show up the RITM number and the short description of the RITM that is being attached to the sc catalog task.

${request_item.number} - ${request_item.short_description}