Now Support FAQs


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Now Support

  1. How do I unlock my account?
    1. Contact your Customer Administrator to unlock your account from the Manage Accounts dropdown in the left-hand menu. If you are a Customer Administrator, follow these directions to unlock an account.
  2. How do I log in to Now Support?
    1. You can log into Now Support if ServiceNow or your customer admin granted you access to the site. If you have access, you will log in using your ServiceNow ID with the appropriate email address. 
  3. How do I reset my password?
    1. If you have forgotten your password or want to reset your password, click Forgot your password and we will email you a reset password link.
  4. How do I request access to Now Support?
    1. To request a Now Support account, please contact your Customer Administrator. If you are a Customer Administrator giving access to a new user, navigate to the Manage Accounts area to create new users. Refer to Creating and managing Now Support users, granting and revoking access, editing user roles for the steps to create new users on Now Support.
  5. How do I set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Now Support login?
    1. You are allowed to use any authenticator that supports the TOTP (time-based one time password) algorithm. Refer to Multi-Factor Authenticators supported by Now Support for all recommended authenticators. To pair your MFA to your new device, use the one-time code via email to log in to Now Support. Once logged in, navigate to My Profile from the top right navigator and select the Multi-Factor Authentication button at the top right
  6. Why does Now Support have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?
    1. We added Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Now Support user accounts to enhance security. For more information, please see Evolving our Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Experience on Now Support.
  7. How do I activate a plugin on my instance?
    1. You can activate a plugin on your instance through the Plugin Store or through the Automation Store. Plugins that are associated with a for-fee subscription to an application or suite can be activated only after your organization has purchased the subscription. Read more about the Now Support Automation Store
  8. How do I view my open cases, changes, and problems?
    1. Log in to Now Support and select My Support in the top navigation. A summary of your cases, changes, and problems will appear, with the ability to view details for each.
  9. How can I be notified of my case progress and change request updates?
    1. By default, users will be notified of all activity that occurs on their case and change requests. You can get notifications of your case and change requests through the portal and on the Now Support mobile app. Adjust your notifications preferences at any time from Now Support portal by navigating to the bell icon for notifications (next to your profile) and selecting the gear icon.
  10. How can I manage who is notified of case progress and change request updates?
    1. Add users to the watch list of a case or change to notify them of new activity. Click the lock icon next to the watch list field to add users by account or by email.
  11. How do I create a case?
    1. Log in to Now Support and select the Create a case button at the top right, just under your profile. You can do this from any page on Now Support.
  12. How do I cancel or reschedule a change request?
    1. You can reschedule or cancel select change requests created in the Automation Store if it is before the planned start date. If the request has passed the planned start date, please contact Customer Support to cancel or reschedule the request.
  13. How do I schedule my upgrades?
    1. You can schedule an upgrade your instance manually or by using the Upgrade Wizard in the Now Support portal. You can also choose to be automatically upgraded by ServiceNow. For step-by-step instructions, see How to manage and schedule instance upgrades
  14. Why does ServiceNow schedule upgrades for me?
    1. The ServiceNow upgrade policy states that we provide support for the two most recent release families—the current release and one release behind the current. This means you need to upgrade at least once a year to stay current. Once you fall behind the supported versions, ServiceNow will schedule an upgrade for you.
  15. What if I want to conduct an upgrade manually?
    1. For step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a manual upgrade, see How to manage and schedule instance upgrades.
  16. Why can’t I view a knowledge article?
    1. Knowledge articles require certain roles to view the content. Customers, Partners, and general users can access different Knowledge content when they log in to the Now Support portal. Visit the Knowledge Managers forum in the Community to ask questions to our own Knowledge Management team.
  17. Why should I link my Now Community and Now Support accounts?
    1. Linking your Now Support and Now Community accounts allows you to:
      • Post directly to the Now Community from Now Support
      • Access your posts and view responses from Now Support
      • Convert unanswered questions to support cases
      • Get personalized content on Now Support and Now Community

For instructions on how to link your accounts, see How to Link/ Unlink Now Community and Now Support accounts. Or, you can Ask Kodi to link your accounts for you.


  1. Where can I request a Personal Developer Instance (PDI)?
    1. You can obtain a Personal Developer Instance by signing in to the ServiceNow Developer site, clicking the Request Instance button in the header, and selecting a ServiceNow release for the instance. When the instance is ready, you will need to change the admin password. See the Personal Developer (PDI) Instance Guide for detailed instructions.
  2. Where can I get support for my Personal Developer Instance (PDI)?
    1. If you cannot access your PDI or get the Your instance is currently offline page, your PDI may be in the process of waking up from hibernation or your PDI just completed patching and needs to restart. Your PDI should be available within five minutes.

If your PDI is not available after five minutes, sign in to the Developer Site and check the My Instance page to see if your PDI is still undergoing maintenance.

If you have any issues with your PDI, use the Instance Help Forum on the ServiceNow Community.

Technical Support

  1. How do I get help on my instance?
    1. ServiceNow has a variety of ways to get help with your instance. Depending on the assistance you need, you can ask a question to our Community of 250,000 customer users, browse knowledge, or contact our support team by phone or through opening a case. For all help options available on the support portal, visit the Get Help page (login required).
  2. How do I escalate my case?
    1. A Technical Support Engineer will need to review and/or approve a request to escalate a case. Please see Contact Support for the support phone number for your region. ServiceNow provides Technical Support 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.
  3. How do I speak to a live agent?
    1. To speak to a live agent, call one of our worldwide support centers listed on our Contact Support page,

      You can also Create a case in Now Support or ask a question on the Now Community, which often results in faster resolution than reporting an issue (most users typically receive a correct answer in 6 hours).

Now Community

  1. How do I find questions I’ve asked on the Now Community?
    1. To see a list of all questions asked, go to your Now Community profile and click on the Content tab. There, you'll see all questions you have authored.
  2. How do I submit a product enhancement request to ServiceNow?
    1. You can submit product enhancement ideas on the Idea Portal on Now Community. Here, you can submit product enhancement requests, view what others have submitted, vote on your favorite ones, and get feedback from ServiceNow product management.
  3. What does it mean if my post is being moderated on the Now Community?
    1. To promote the security and content quality on Now Community, certain posts can be put into moderation for someone on the ServiceNow Community to review.
  4. What do I do if I don’t have access to a Community forum or Community content?
    1. Depending on the forum, content can be viewable by different groups of people. If you cannot view a piece of content on the Now Community but believe you should be able to access it, email

My ServiceNow

  1. Who is my account rep?
    1. You can Ask Kodi, the Now Virtual Agent, who your ServiceNow account rep is. Make sure you are logged in to Now Support to enable Kodi to pull that information for you. Click on the purple chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of the portal to start a conversation with Kodi.
  2. Who is my ServiceNow admin?
    1. This is a great question for Ask Kodi, the Now Virtual Agent, who can pull that information for you. Alternatively, you can view your administrators on your Now Support Profile page. See Identifying your customer administrator for more information.