Install status (install_status) of windows servers(cmdb_ci_server) is being set to "retired"


The install status (status) of windows servers is being set to retired by System User. Although the server is being actively discovered, the install_status does not turn back to "Installed". This in turn causes operational status of the CI to be retired.

Release or Environment



The cause of this is a Business Rule - Cascade deprovisioned status to server that was added during the Discovery and Service Mapping plugin upgrade to SR - ITOM - Discovery and Service Mapping - 202007.

This business rule "Cascade deprovisioned status to server"  was added as a fix for a PRB1408405.
The issue addressed in the PRB1408405 is below:
When we receive notification (e.g. from vCenter, AWS, etc) that a VM has been deprovisioned, we mark the corresponding CI in such a way as to remove it from subsequent daily license counts. However, when that VM is linked to a Server CI (of type cmdb_ci_server or subordinate), that CI is not similarly marked. This causes the daily license count to not be reduced. The deprovisioned status needs to be carried through to the linked Server CI in order to properly reduce the subsequent daily counts. The VM CI will be marked "teminated/retired" but its linked Server CI will not, which will cause ITOM Visibility & Health license counting to be inaccurate.

The Server CIs are  getting marked as retired by the BR was an expected behavior according to the fix provided on the above mentioned PRB.
Navigate to the class cmdb_ci_vm_instance and verify if there is a vm instance present with the same name as the server. On the audit history of the vm_instance check if instance was terminated/retired at the time when Windows Server was set to "retired".

The VM_instance record could have set to terminated/retired due to a delete event coming in for the vm_instance.


There could be two possible solutions:

1) If you would like to avoid this issue, you can set the below business rule to inactive although this may cause the license counting issues:


2) Create a Business Rule so that if the VM instance goes back UP, change the install_status of the windows server record to "Installed"