Appointment Booking Subject is not right


The "Subject" column of an appointment changes from the name of the Record Producer to the Reason (Get Help, Laptop Refresh, Hardware etc).

Steps to Reproduce
1. Go to<location_sysID>
2. Select Schedule an appointment
3. Indicate the reason for visiting
4. Select the timing for appointment
5. Click Schedule Appointment
Notice the "Subject" of the appointment(sn_apptmnt_booking_appointment_booking.list), it shows the name of the record producer.
6. Now, reschedule the same appointment and then again check the "Subject" column in the sn_apptmnt_booking_appointment_booking.list
Notice the "Subject" now is updated with the reason (Laptop refresh, Get Help, etc)

This is Expected Behaviour:
This is expected behaviour as there are 2 separate Notifications (sysevent_email_action) for when appointments are created vs when they are edited/updated, so this is expected behavior.