Walkup work items being routed to the incorrect queue.


Walkup work items being routed to the incorrect queue.

Customer configured the location queues for walkups, and created the assignment eligibilities for the location queue for auto-assignments. But the auto-assignment is not happening and the interaction records do not show up on the agent's inbox.


On the customer instance it was noticed that their queues have the same order value as the affected queue. (order of 100). The "work item routing condition for the affected queue was set.
However the "Work item routing condition" field for their other queues were empty which means these queues can be qualified to be matched and be populated in the work item's queue field.

This is because when queues are queried for a service channel, they are first ordered by their 'order' value.
Then for each of these queues, we check to see if it has condition set.
If it doesn't then the queue is chosen as it is considered to be qualified.


In order to fix this issue, all queues must have their "Work item routing condition" set.

To test, we modified the order value of the affected queue to be 50 on the dev instance which is prioritised over other queues that have order of 100 and it routes to the correct queue and assigns the work item to the correct agent.

Set the order back to 100 and then change all other queues to set their work item routing condition then the work items will be routed without an issue.