Display value not working on extended tables.


The display value of a table may not display the correct information if the table it extends has a dictionary override. In such scenarios the dictionary override of the parent table will supersede the display value of the child table.

Dictionary Overrides product documentation:


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If a parent table has a dictionary override rule, it will supersede any of the display value rules of its children tables.


Ensure that if a table is extending another table that it does not have a dictionary override enabled. A simple way of thinking about is that the order of operations for displaying the information of a reference field is as follows:

Reference fields look for the display value in the following order:
  1. Dictionary override of parent tables
  2. A field with display=true in the system dictionary on the lowest sub-table for extended tables.
  3. A field with display=true in the system dictionary on the parent table.
  4. A field named name or u_name.
  5. The Created on field of the referenced record.

This is a more complete list of the information from the product documentation below: