Cannot edit records in legacy global search UI since Orlando


Since the Orlando release it is no longer possible to edit list record fields within the legacy global search UI.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Connect to an Orlando or Paris Patch 1 instance.

2. As per
create the 'glide.ui.use_legacy_global_search' System Property and set to 'true'.

3. Look at incident.list to find record(s) that you can expect returned by searching on text in their short description field.

4. Do a Global search for that text.

5. Try changing values in fields in the returned result set by clicking on them, for example the priority field of an incident record.

You are not able to edit the field.

6. Connect to a New York instance, and repeat

You are able to edit the field.


There is no workaround for this behaviour, however it is no longer reproducible as of the Paris Patch 2 release.

Related Problem: PRB1429668