A Customer contact owns couple of Partner account. How to map the user so as to allow them creating cases for the Partner account.


Use case:

A)Store A and X tied by same parent 'Y'

B)Owner A of Store A 
i)"Owns" Store A
ii)"Co Owns" X (Established by 'Contact relationship')

C)X is a partner account and has 'Account relationship' with 
i) Store B

"Owner A" who co-owns "X", should be able to raise case requests for both B and Z.

"Owner A" able to see only account 'X' but not Store B and Z.

Release or Environment

Any Version


A contact say belongs to account 'L' can raise cases against account 'M' only if one of following conditions is met

1. 'M' is 'L'.( Direct relationship that exists between contact and account)
2. 'L' is parent of 'M'.
3. 'L' is partner of 'M' and contact has 'sn_customerservice.partner' role.

So for given use case "Store B" and "Z" does not meet any of the above criteria.

Customer need to re-model the data as per their use case, also keeping above mentioned capabilities in mind.

Say, for this particular example.

We know that 'X' is a partner of 'Store B' and 'Z'. But 'Y' contacts need ability to create cases against 'Store B' and 'Z'.

Customer can add 'Y' as partner account to 'Store B' and 'Z'. This would enable 'Y' contact to be able to file cases against 'Store B' and 'Z'.


Additional Information

What customer provided is not a achievable scenario with the current CSM functionality as it needs to meet the basic criteria that is defined in the solution section.