How to use multiple update sets to capture the decisions made for skipped upgrade records that span several scopes


After reviewing the Skipped Changes list from an upgrade on a sub-production instance, you determine that you want to revert, retain, or merge a number of the records in the list.

The Skipped Changes list will likely contain records in several application scopes including global.

To avoid duplicating the effort on every instance that you upgrade, you can use one Update Set per scope to record your decisions and move them to another instance that has not been upgraded yet.

Release or Environment

All supported versions


To capture the disposition of the scoped records after an upgrade, for the global scope and for each non-global scope, the process is to

  1. change to that scope,
  2. create a separate update set for that scope, 
  3. reconcile the Skipped records in that scope,
  4. commit the update set, and
  5. export to XML to save the update set for that scope in a folder.

You'll have an update set for the globally scoped records and an update set for each scope that you will populate by capturing the disposition of the records that you reconcile for a particular scope.

Then to record the dispositions on a sub-production instance instance that is a copy of prod and is not yet upgraded, one by one starting with global, you'll

  1. change to each scope
  2. retrieve the update set for that scope, and 
  3. import the update set for that scope, preview it, and commit it
  4. upgrade the instance and ensure that the skipped records do not appear.

You will not need to reconcile the records again on that instance. On your production instance, repeat steps A through D.

Additional Information

For the records that you revert, the record will be captured in the update set with replace_on_upgrade=true, and after you complete that update set, and then load and commit the update set to a sub-prod or prod BEFORE the upgrade, then you will have REVERTED the record on test or prod to the out-of-box version BEFORE the upgrade, and then when you upgrade, the record won't show in the skipped records at all in test or prod -- it's already reverted.