Conditional PA Collection job - In Orlando and Paris, when condition is not met, the job ends in a "Collected with errors" state


In Orlando and onwards a change in behaviour is observed when a Performance Analytics collection job is not executed due to the conditional flag being ticked and the condition not being met.

Pre-Orlando we would display the message "Data collection not executed, advanced condition not met" with the log level of "Information" but in Orlando we see the same message logged as "Error".

Steps to Reproduce

1. Hop onto an OOB Orlando or Paris instance
2. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Data Collector > Jobs
3. Open the "[PA Incident] Daily Data Collection" job
4. Check "Conditional", and in the "Condition" box, enter "false;"
5. Execite the job
===> Observe that the job ends in a "Collected with errors" state
6. Perform steps 1-5 on a New York instance
===> Observe that the job ends in a "Collected" state


The decision was taken, based on customer feedback, to display an error message in the collection logs when the condition is not met for a Conditional PA Collection job.

The reasoning for this is to provide a warning to the PA administrator that the collection has not been executed.

Related Problem: PRB1432399