Microsoft SCCM 2016 Software Usage plugin Integration missing from store


When looking into ServiceNow documentation with regards to SCCM integration you will see this reference a plugin called:

Microsoft SCCM 2012 v2 Software Usage (com.snc.samp_usage_sccm) plugin

Microsoft SCCM 2016 Software Usage (com.snc.samp.usage_sccm_2016) plugin

However when you search for these under the "plugin" module from within the instance, or via ServiceNow Store you will not see it.


Plugin Microsoft SCCM 2012 v2 Software Usage and Microsoft SCCM 2016 Software Usage are within SAMPro (Software Asset Management Professional) customer should then request via HI portal.


If there is a need for any of the 2 plugins referenced above perform the following steps:

1. Log into your Hi portal.

2. On the left navigator select "Plugin Store"

3. Select the instance this plugin is to be installed.

4. Search for "Activate all Software Asset Management Professional plugins"

5. Select "Request"