Identification rule can not be replaced on [cmdb_ci_hyper_v_cluster]


When trying to replace the OOB Identification Rule "for Hyper-V Cluster" by a dependent rule, it appears to be added correctly. However, when confirming on the [cmdb_identifier] table, no record is created for "Hyper-v Cluster rule".

Steps to Reproduce

Using CI Class manager:

  1. Delete the OOB independent rule on Hyper-V cluster. The dependent identifier from VM Object will then apply to Hyper-V Cluster. Based on table structure, this rule will be derived.
  2. Click on Replace, add a new independent identifier and Save.
  3. Add the identifier criterion for name. Notice this addition does not reflect on the identifier, but is added to the identifier on VM object. The UI Page will show that both identifiers apply to the class.


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The workaround is to create an independent identifier and criterion directly from the [cmdb_identifier] table.

Related Problem: PRB1438851