Flow Designer MID Server Action Step


Flow Designer is a Now Platform feature for automating processes in a single design environment. Flow Designer lets process owners use natural language to automate approvals, tasks, notifications, and record operations without coding. You can expand Flow Designer to communicate with external instances and third-party systems by requesting a separate subscription to IntegrationHub.

IntegrationHub enables execution of third-party APIs as a part of a flow when a specific event occurs in ServiceNow. These integrations, referred to as spokes, are easy to configure and enable you to quickly add powerful actions without the need to write a script.

An action step, or step, is a single reusable operation within an action and can be used as part of a flow. Some of the steps can use the MID server. SSH step and PowerShell step are examples of steps which use a MID server. This knowledge base article provides information regarding action steps which use the MID server that may be helpful for troubleshooting.

Note: sys_flow_context is the table where the flow contexts are found.

Action Step to MID Server Flow

Note: The term "Flow" in this section refers to the flow of data between the instance and the MID server when a step uses a mid server, not a flow designer flow.

  1. Steps which use a MID server create an entry in the ecc_queue table of topic IPaaSActionProbe
  2. IPaaSActionProbe downloads the flow process plan from <instance_name>.service-now.com/api/now/processflow/operations/flow/plan/<flowId>
  3. Parses process plan and takes action, as described in the process plan
  4. Updates the flow with result of action and flow continues

How to Get The Process Plan

It may be necessary to review the process plan when troubleshooting. To collect the process plan:

  1. Log into the MID server host
  2. On a browser, navigate to <instance_name>.service-now.com/api/now/processflow/operations/flow/plan/<flowId> and provide the credentials when requested


  1. Log into the instance
  2. Navigate to "System Web Services > REST > REST API Explorer"
  3. Select api “Flow Designer Operations view service"
  4. Click on "Gets full ProcessPlan of a flow context"
  5. Populate "flow_context_id" with the value in the ecc_queue record source
  6. Click "Send"

Note: If troubleshooting MID server issues the first method would better emulate what the MID server is doing. However the second method could be used to analyze the process plan and also compare to what is returned on the MID server.


Failed to get plan from instance for context

things to check:

  1. Can the plan be downloaded from instance by the MID server?
    • No: resolve download/proxy issue
  2. Is the flow/sub-flow published?
    • No: publish the flow/sub-flow
  3. Is the step failing right after an approval action?
    • Yes: add a timer delay between the approval action and the integrationHub step