How to stop the MID Server from auto upgrading


The MID servers are upgraded automatically. This functionality is available by default. Automatic upgrade occurs:

It may be of interest to have control of when the MID server upgrades, and not have the MID server upgrade together with the instance. This could be in cases where, for example:

This knowledge base article provides instructions on how to stop the MID server from auto upgrading.


To pin specific MID Servers on a desired version, set the mid.pinned.version parameter with the name of that version in the config.xml file of each MID Server. Use the format <version>-mm-dd-yyyy. This setting overrides the property setting for the pinned MID Server version. 

This version can be found in the page for your instance.

Therefore, to keep a MID server from auto upgrading, before the upgrade:

Statistics for: Demo Server @ at: Tue Oct 06 06:39:14 PDT 2020 (Refresh)
Build name: Orlando
Build date: 08-28-2020_1009
Build tag: glide-orlando-12-11-2019__patch7-08-19-2020
Instance ID: instanceID
Node ID: nodeID
IP address: IPAddress
MID buildstamp: orlando-12-11-2019__patch7-08-19-2020_08-28-2020_1009

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