View is not applying on the second page of the Standard Change Catalog


If you force a particular View on on a Standard Change Template via the 'Edit Interceptor' functionality, that View will not be applied correctly on Templates that are on the 2nd page of the Catalog.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Create enough Standard Change Templates with the same Category such that you have at least 11 items within a single Category.
2) Navigate to Change -> Create New then click 'Edit Interceptor'.
3) Click the 'Direct to Standard Change' record link.
4) Within the Target URL field, append '&sysparm_view=emergencyChange', or any other valid View.
5) Back out to the 'What type of change is required' screen and click the Standard link.
6) Click the Hardware Asset Category (or whatever Category you added Templates to).
7) Change the Items Per Page drop-down to '10 per page' and wait for the page to reload. Click any of the items on the first page and note that the View will redirect to the one added in Step 4
8) Click back and then click the next page button and click any of the items on the 2nd page. Note that you are no longer redirected to the proper View. If you back out of this page and return to the 1st page, now none of those items will redirect properly either.


Change the Items Per Page drop-down to a number greater than the number of templates within that particular Standard Change Category.

Related Problem: PRB1435082